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How To Naturally Overcome Headaches Naturally

How to treat a headache without drugs-Fast headache is pain that occurs in the head, which is usually caused by a few things like due to missed meals, too much consuming caffeine, dehydration, stress and much more. There are many types of headaches, what are those? yuk we refer to the following explanation!

How To Naturally Overcome Headaches Naturally

A. all kinds of Headaches
There are several types of headache, cluster headache, migraine headaches, prolonged headache vertigo, headaches etc. Treatment measures for each type of sakt head part there are different. So before choosing which drug would you eat, you should make sure that the first type of headache where you currently feel. For symptoms of any type of headache I will share in the next article.

B. How Powerful Overcoming A Headache
For those of you who are currently afflicted by headaches, maybe you can do tips to reduce and menyebuhkan headaches:

1. How to treat headaches by the way Drinking water white
As has been mentioned above, that one of the causes of headaches are due to dehydration/lack of fluids in the body. And we are certainly already know that water is an indispensable component of the intake by the body. Therefore, if you are stricken with headaches, immediately drink plain water. Then make it a habit to drink plain water 8-10 glasses per day so that you avoid the headache.

2. Overcome the headaches with eating potatoes
In addition to being caused by a shortage of liquid/dehydration, headaches can also be caused by the loss of electrolytes such as potassium. Well, for sure we have to handle it a lot to consume foods rich in potassium i.e. one potato. It's best to eat potatoes, cooked to the way burned with the Peel, or boiled (not fried).

3. Address the Headaches with banana
Banana fruit has many benefits, to know what are the benefits of banana fruit please read the article "17 benefits of Bananas for our health". In addition to potassium-rich bananas also turned out to be rich in magnesium that can help relieve migraines. Well, if the headache strikes, you can eat bananas to reduce head pain.

4. Address the Headaches with ice cubes
Did you know, turns ice cubes can also be used to relieve pain in the head. It's easy, we just need mengosok-polishing/mengkompreskan ice cubes are slowly on the area of your head which ached. Ice cubes will cause numbness on the head which ached, so that will ease the pain of the head.
5. Address the Headaches with the food/beverages that contain Mint
Now, if this way is more suitable if your headache is caused by the pain of ulcers due to skip a meal so that the stomach be nausea and headaches. The best way to treat it is to consume food/beverages that contain mint tea such as pappermint etc.

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