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How To Care For Naturally, White Face And Acne Free

The face is one part of the body that becomes a major concern for everyone,both men and women. For it many ways treat the face is done to get a healthyface, whiteclean and free from acne. Everyone will want to have a healthy and clean faces, so it's not a little bit also costs incurred to perform the nurse's face.Start of treatment to a salon, clinic, even to the dermatologist to get maximum results.

Actually how to take care of the face is not difficult, just depends how we take care of him and clean it. Can all be done easily if your friend already know the type of skin and beauty products that match, so that the face will get proper care and free from blackheads and pimples. We recommend that you take atreatment that uses natural ingredients so that facial skin will be free of the side effects that can damage the skin.

In the article this time I will give you information on how to care for naturally, white face and acne free. Want to know more? Please see the following article:

-Before touching the area of the face, you should wash your hands first with fresh water in order to be free of germs and bacteria.

-We recommend biasakanlah to clean your face with a cleanser andrefreshments suitable to the type of skin, every morning and night, or every timeout of the House.

-Rajinlah face wash every facial skin feels dry or when home from traveling.

-Always use a moisturizer every face will be active outside the home, agat facial skin stay awake and free from ultraviolet (UV) rays that can cause black spots.

-Should take about 2-3 minutes each night, to massage the skin of the face of each before going to bed. This was done so that mengilangkan wearily on the face and skin color to stay healthy and bright.

Biasakanlah-use face masks at least 2 times in 2 weeks, so that the dirt sticks tothe face will be lifted and the face will be cleaner and fresher.

-Perbanyaklah white water consumes per day, for a minimum of 8 glasses per day in order to keep facial skin looks bright and fresh.

-Drink Vitamin E per day to maintain healthy skin from the inside.

-Sports on a regular basis, in order to keep the skin toned and the body would be free from various diseases.

After learning how to take care of the face, preferably companions can also tryhow to care for naturally face the following:

* Lemon
Lime juice has Vitamin C and anti-oxidants are beneficial to shrink pores,smooths and brightens the skin of the face. The trick is also very easy by simplysplitting into 2 parts lime juice, then wring it out and grab some water, thenapply on face skin evenly. Let stand for approximately 10-20 minutes, then wash your face with warm water, and proceed to wash face with cold water.

* Apple
Apples have benefits to reduce the excess oil on the face, so that it can be usedin treating the face. The trick is to mash apples using blender, you should notadd any water at all at the time of the apples in the blender. After that apply on face for 30 minutes, then bilaslah with clean water.

* Tomato
Tomatoes are rich in anti oxidants substances that can help overcome theirritation on the skin due to sun rays, reduce blackheads, and brighten the skin tone of the face. Do I blend 1 tomato, then combine with 1 spoon of honey,apply on face and let sit for 15 minutes. Then wash the face with warm water.

* Banana
Bananas can be beneficial to rejuvenate the skin and makes the skin of the facebecomes moist and chewy. The trick is pretty easy, just take 1 piece of pisang ambon, Peel his skin and mash the fruit. After that add 1 spoon of honey into the bananas that had been destroyed, and apply evenly on your face and let sit for 30 minutes. Then clean with warm water and a cotton swab.

* Cucumber
Cucumbers have benefits to lift black smudges on the face and can make the face look radiant. Do I take 1/2 cucumber, peeled until clean. Then add 1 spoonof milk without fat, 1 spoon of yogurt. Blend all mixture until smooth, then apply on face for 20 minutes and bilaslah with warm water.

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